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Meet the team 

Ken Kao

Ken started his marketing career at Stanford University where he was the founding Finance Officer of the Stanford Marketing Group. Since then, Ken continued to develop his metrics-driven approach by leading marketing and sales teams at a variety of companies. He has experience working in industries like mobile gaming, education technology, B2B SaaS, and e-commerce. Outside of work, you can find Ken at the poker tables or on the tennis courts.

Coco Creighton
Director of Business Development

Coco played on the Division 1 Women’s Tennis team at Brown University where she graduated with a degree in International Relations. She found the lessons and skills she learned as a lifelong, competitive athlete translated seamlessly into her sales career. As a salesperson, Coco has sold advertising and SaaS products, and she has been successful in both the Sales Development Representative and Account Executive positions. In every role she has held, Coco consistently hit or exceeded quotas, and she was internally promoted at each of her companies at least once. When she is not selling, Coco is most likely practicing yoga, riding her Peloton, or researching Fantasy Football.

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